An Introduction to Therapy
We begin with talking about confidentiality and “What would you like to have happen ?”

  • We begin with an explanation of the difference between private and NHS provisions
  • We conduct an in depth inquiry into the issues that bring you to therapy
  • Carry out an Ecology check on wider systemic issues, family/work or relationships
  • Encourage you to understand the structure of the problems as well as the content
  • Establish a direction for development, going from problem to your  desired outcomes
  • We may recommend other complimentary therapies
  • Concluding with a summary of progress, and if required, cost and contract details for further therapeutic work

    What can I expect ?
  • Symptom relief
  • Exercises/homework an developmental tasks
  • Movement from problem to established desired outcomes
  • Self-analysis exercises
  •  A better understanding of yourself
  • The power to make greater choices
  • A mixture of Psycho-Educational/Relational and Integrative Therapies
  • Long term coping strategies and on-going support

Long Term Therapy
For clients who wish to undertake and extended journey to achieve genuine and lasting change.
We offer regular 90 minute sessions for £75.
By extending the techniques we use in An Introduction to Therapy, we aim to move you from problems and symptoms to a better understanding of yourself.  To become attuned on a deeper level to your motives, values and missions.  To enable you to conquer those unique outcomes that only you can achieve.

An Introduction to Personal Coaching

An initial assessment plus 6 90 minute sessions, including all work books and materials.

Intermediate Coaching
Weekly sessions of 90 minutes, including work books and materials. Including email or text support.  Price on application. 

Advanced Professional Coaching
Weekly face to face or skype sessions of 2 hours,  including work books and resources. Email skype and text support. Price on application.

Bespoke Coaching
To assist you through life’s big challenges, a 3 month tailor-made therapeutic package can be designed with your specific outcomes in mind. Price on application.

In Depth Coaching
Individual 2 hour session.

Breakthrough Day
A highly focused day with lunch included, ideal for small groups or couples to move from problem to desired outcomes, £350 per person.

Trainee therapists and complimentary therapy workers, £45 for 60 minute session.
Qualified and experienced supervisors, £55 for 60 minute session.
Specialising in the Supervision for professionals practicing in the fields of:
Clean Language
Integrative Therapeutic Models
Emergent Knowledge
David Grove and Caitlin Walker,  £75 for 90 minute session.

Bespoke, Consultancies and long term supervision by arrangement.

Emergent Knowledge
Day long session ideally for 2 people, with the opportunity to participate in the Whirly Gig experience, £450