We offer supervision for psychotherapists, counsellors, and coaches who are practising and in training in the following fields:image (26)

  • Integrative psychotherapy
  • Relational modalities of psychotherapy and counselling
  • NLP – NLP practitioners, master practitioners, psychotherapy
  • Clean Language, Clean Space, Emergent Knowledge
  • Dyslexia coaching
  • Executive coaches
  • Other people working in a caring profession with an interest in developing their practice
  • Systemic Modelling
  • Symbolic Modelling

What is Supervision ?

Supervision can be of a clinical or management nature.

Why invest in supervision?

  • It’s a core element of psychotherapy/counselling training programme
  • Good practice for development
  • It can solve a management issue or a problem
  • It promotes safe and ethical practice
  • It aids personal reflection, analysis and development in a secure, safe and supportive environment.

Supervision can be at your place of work or in privacy at The Practise

Contact us to make an appointment.