About Shaun Hotchkiss

The question ‘What Would You Like to Have Happen?’ is about the start of someone’s journey to happiness.

For some people, it’s about transforming a problem in to happiness, for others it may be an increase in happiness, in either case it’s a journey towards what you want and becoming yourself.

For many, the journey starts with the management of symptoms, so our first sessions may be about easing distress felt through anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, addiction and so on.

We use fast and effective approaches to reduce symptoms to allow you to be at your best, which will in turn enable you to be in the best possible position to explore the deeper patterns and underlying causes of the symptoms of distress. From this new state of being, it will be possible to design a better future, which isn’t possible mid symptoms.

  • Therapeutic Environment
  • Confidential
  • Full support
  • Always available to answer your questions
I have been practising as a psychotherapist for over 10 years. Up to the millennium I was running a national Environmental Health consultancy until I traveled to India, searching for personal meaning. I studied Buddhism, experienced a personal transformation and ran a Holistic Retreat Center while there. I returned to study integrative psychology at Birmingham University, within the highly respected Sherwood Institute of Psychotherapy. Meeting my wife, Caitlin Walker, the Founder of Training Attention, I was introduced to the work of David Grove including Clean Language, Clean Space, Emergent Knowledge and Neuro Linguistic Programming which all underpin the relational approach.

I have trained as an NLP practitioner, master practitioner and an NLP Psychotherapist. I am registered as a UKCP Integrative Psychotherapist. Highly committed to continuous professional development and practice development – I have also trained in meditation, trance group, group and couples work. I have facilitated work with a mental health charity, on drug and alcohol projects and providing supervision for staff members. Working alongside Caitlin, we can facilitate couples work, groups, organisational development, corporate clients have ranged from small bespoke projects to a larger ongoing programme for multi-national companies.

My approach is open, collaborative and far reaching. I am strongly committed to client’s achieving their desired outcomes, my practice is grounded in theory and experience – it is practical and effective.

My practice meets all the ethical guidelines of UKCP – your confidentiality is fully assured.